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Our Story

After conducting tens of thousands of one-on-one coaching sessions, we found a common thread. Smart, talented, hard-working people were not accomplishing their goals often enough.

So we began researching what was stopping these unstoppable clients and found that accountability was at the core of the issue.

What We Learned

There’s a lot of need for accountability, but nobody wanted it.

This made no sense to us. Why would driven entrepreneurs, salespeople, and executives not want to leverage a tool that would help them achieve more?

The short answer is that accountability, as traditionally practiced, sucks. Day-to-day living provides enough trips through the spanking machine; one more self-induced trip is too much for most people.

So, we set out to create a method that leveraged the power of accountability without the beat down.

Today, business people around the world use our Positive Accountability process to achieve more without the beat down.




Negative Accountability Doesn't Work

No matter how hard you push yourself or subject yourself to the beat-down of old-style accountability, at some point you will run out of will power.

That’s because old-school accountability is based upon negative motivation, and negative motivation is the most powerful form of motivation.

That’s right, the most-effective form or motivation is negative motivation. . . in the short term. After a while, negative motivation stops working.

Renowned psychologist Martin Seligman, famed for his Learned Optimism research, discovered that dogs repeatedly shocked (lightly) at random times eventually stopped reacting to the shock. That is, negative reinforcement/motivation stops working once we get used to it.

The burst of energy created from negative motivation can create results, but at what cost?

In order to maintain high levels of achievement, positive motivation and accountability must be used.

Short-term bursts of achievement are fine, but life’s true winners stay in high-achievement mode at all times.

If you only make one change in your productivity process, eliminate or radically cut negative motivation. You don’t want to wire your brain to only respond to a beat down.  There’s a danger that you can adopt this negativity-based style as your “winning formula” for getting goals accomplished.

Sales Accountability Coach

Leveraging Positive Accountability Acheives Better Results

We wanted to change that, and provide a solution to this problem which would fix it once and for all.

Sales Accountability Coach started with a simple premise:

Humans are wired to avoid pain. If accountability was an unpleasant experience people would lose the benefit of this powerful tool.

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